1 thought on “Noir Film Festival (Czech Republic) – “I Wake Up Screaming”/Victor Mature intro – Victoria Mature”

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Season’s greetings.
    I grew up in Rancho Park in the late-’50s, just down Motor Avenue from 20th Century, on Rossbury.
    I well remember the s/w corner of Westwood and Pico: Scot’s burgers, McFarlane’s ice cream, the movie theater (Picfair?), and also on the south side of Pico, a bit to the west of the theater, a little TV store, called Vic(tor?) Mature’s.
    Wasn’t that our Victor? My parents always said it was.
    As to the country club that was the inspiration for the famous, “I’m not an actor” retort, I also heard, from reliable sources over the years, that that club was “L.A.”, as the Los Angeles Country Club is known to its initiates.
    Any thoughts, corrections, corroborations?
    Just watched Dimitrius on the Fox network, and was roused to action.
    God bless the memory of VM.

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