Broadway World – “Looking Back at Some of Our Favorite San Diego Theatre Experiences in 2022” – DIDO AND AENEAS – BODHI TREE CONCERTS

Victoria Mature and Evan White in DIDO AND AENEAS – Bodhi Tree Concerts

“This short opera, performed in an intimate space, featured fantastic vocals, striking choreography, and beautiful music – what more could you want in a show?”

Broadway World – “Review: DIDO AND AENEAS at Bodhi Tree Concerts is filled with ‘Music, Love, Magic, And Tragedy'” by E.H. Reiter

Victoria Mature and Evan White in Dido and Aeneas

“Dido (Victoria Mature) is the widowed Queen of Carthage…Mature as Dido has a lovely presence and her performance of Dido’s lament is beautiful.”

“Stage Directed by Vanessa Dinning the show has moments of sweetness, suspense, and humor as the story comes together, while also painting some vivid visuals on stage. Especially evocative is a moment with Dido in a sheet that calls to mind both a shroud and Cupid’s wings.”

“Choreography by Michael Mizerany is very effective ranging from Regency ballroom to modern rock, and in between. The sharp delineation between the movements of the mortals versus the Sorceress and those in the witch’s magical thrall is striking”

San Diego Story – “Bodhi Tree Concerts Presents a 21st-Century ‘Dido and Aeneas’ at Bread & Salt” – by Ken Herman

“Victoria Mature presented a compelling Dido, her dramatic soprano infusing the queen with an adroit mixture of dignity and compassion. She glided through her upper range gracefully, but the richness of her mezzo range developed the deep pathos of her famous final aria “When I am laid in earth.”

Broadway World – “Interview: Vanessa Dinning Brings The ‘Ancient and the Present Day Together’ in DIDO AND AENEAS at Bodhi Tree Concerts” – by E.H. Reiter

Victoria Mature and Evan White as Dido and Aeneas